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Within the collective unconscious are psychic “structures” known as:
a- myths
b- archetypes
c- reticular formations
d- sensations and perceptions

___________ describes the mathematical process that generates personality dimensions with the highest correlations among the responses to items on a personality test.
a- minor brain distinctions
b- phrenology
d- factor analysis

Dollard and Miller showed that after you repeatedly shock a rat:
a- frustration will lead it to attack a human doll
b- frustration will prevent it from attacking any object
c- frustration will lead to attaching to any safe object
d- frustration will prevent it from experiencing catharsis
Which of the following is a key dimension in Eysenck’s personality theory?
a) stable-unstable
b) eroticism
c) internal-external
d) temperament b- archetypes d- factor analysis c-… View the full answer

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