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Which of the following are things to remember when interacting with an individual who has a speech impediment? A. Allow the individual to finish speaking before you speak B. Face the individual and give full eye contact C. Pretend you understand even if you do not D. Both A and B. The percentage of adults requiring nursing home care is______for those 85 and older. A. 50% B. 30% C. 10% D. None of the above. With regard to older adults, studies have found that mental health professionals generally: A. Value them B. Are reluctant to work with them C. Also display age bias D. Both B and C. What family circumstances are associated with abuse or neglect of elderly family members? A. A pattern and history of family violence B. Life adjustment and financial stress C. Overcrowded quarters and marital stress D. All of the above. Stereotypes against the elder include: A. Rigidity B. Senility C. Lacking in health/intelligence D. Having no sexual desires E. All of the above. D. Both A and B. None of the above. … View the full answer

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