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Up to ______of individuals with psychiatric disabilities are unemployed. A. 90% B. 80% C. 70% D. 60% Which of the following are family circumstances associated with abuse and neglect of the elderly: A. Overcrowded quarters B. Negative effect in the elderly person C. Financial burdens D. Both A and C. What is the best treatment for substance abuse in older adults? A. In groups with adults of the same age range B. Individual psychotherapy C. Medication D. No treatment due to age and quality of life issues The most common form(s) of disabling conditions include which of the following: A. Arthritis B. Rheumatism C. Back and spinal cord issues D. Cardiovascular disease E. All of the above. One way to reduce the prevalence of elder abuse and neglect in families is to: A. Place elders in nursing homes B. Increase awareness through public education C. Arrest abusers D. None of the above. A. 90% of people with psychiatric disabilities are unemployed. D. Overcrowded quarters and financial burdens are family… View the full answer

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