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Read through the Shopping Spree transcript that is provided, and identify at least 4 stimuli (the plural of stimulus) and at least 4 responses.
Submit your selections in the Journal by copying and pasting the selected lines from the transcript and labeling each one either a S (for stimulus) or an R (for response). Use a different color for the S and R labels. Also note for which character the line is a S or an R.

Cyndi walks over to the display of tube tops and touches the neon green fabric.
C: “Rad! These would look amazing with your knitted leg warmers!”
Katy looks over at Cyndi and sees the array of colorful tops. The color of the clothing is so bright, that she puts her sunglasses back over her eyes.
K: “I already have a green one. Do you see any bike shorts over there with patterns or prints?”
C: “I saw some of those, but when I picked them up, they felt scratchy and snagged on my fingernails.”
K: (sniffing the air) “Why do I smell fried chicken?”
C: “To me, it smells like biscuits and gravy. I think it’s the new Kentucky Fried Chicken next door you’re smelling.”
Both look up and smile as the newest Milli Vanilli song comes on over the store music system.
K: “I love these guys!” (starts to dance) “Their long hair is so totally awesome.” (continues dancing)
C: (singing along) “Girl you know it’s true!” (dances with Katy)
The girls continue to dance and laugh together. At some point, Katy drops her sunglasses on the floor, and has to bend over to pick them up. Caty picks out a pair of lace gloves that remind her of Madonna’s, and the girls leave the store. Their next stop, Warehouse Records to look for cute boys and purchase the latest Taylor Dayne cassette…. S- Color display too bright R-sunglasses are put on… View the full answer

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