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Question 1
1 pts
Many immigrants are from collectivistic orientation.

Question 2
1 pts
________________ _______________ may lead counselors to misdiagnose refugee children’s ________________ behavior.
Ethnocentric monoculturalism; consistent
Premigration trauma; aggressive
Cultural encapsulation; resistant
Survivor’s guilt; passive

Question 3
1 pts
Some of the traumas that refugees may have been exposed to include
witnessing war-related beatings and killings
being a victim of sexual assault
living in fear for their lives or those of their family
All of the choices are correct.

Question 4
1 pts
Which of the following is not a concern for refugees adapting to a new culture and country:
losing cultural identity
academic and social adjustment of their children
high-wage jobs that prevent them from monitoring their children
negotiating new social, economic and political systems

Question 5
1 pts
Which of the following statements is true?
The vast majority of refugees are able to make a healthy transition to life in the United States.
Refugees and their family members often have low rates of PTSD and depression.
It is good practice to urge clients to disclose their traumatic experiences as early as possible in therapy.
As of 1990, it was publicly denounced in all countries that when a sexually assaulted women is considered unfit to marry, her family should go to jail.

Question 6
1 pts
According to social-class stratification theory, poverty is understood
to be at the bottom-most rung in a hierarchical system of sociocultural power relations that goes beyond differences of income
to be stratified and sees those in poverty equal to those in the middle class
to be unproblematic and, in fact, desirable as individuals in poverty benefit from social welfare programs
None of the choices is correct.

Question 7
1 pts
Your client, a 5-year-old White male, does not have access to a reputable public school in his neighborhood. Your client is likely experiencing

Question 8
1 pts
The paradox of American poverty is that it takes place in the wealthiest nation in the world.

Cognitive and behavioral distancing are techniques that those living in poverty subconsciously live by to try and forget they are poor. It is a form of denial and happens at the preconscious level.
False True Survivor’s guilt/passive All of the above High-wage jobs that prevent them from monitoring… View the full answer

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