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Match the theory of imitation learning with a sample of its supporting evidence.
1.Imitation as instinct
2.Imitation as operant response
3.Imitation as a generalized operant response
4.Bandura’s theory of imitation

A.Children with developmental disabilities were taught to imitate certain behaviors. In time, the children imitated behaviors that they never received reinforcement for previously.
B.Imitation through mirror neurons
C.Tolman’s theory of imitation
D.Infants under 3 weeks of age showed the ability to imitate.
E.Children chose to avoid a behavior they saw punished, and engaged in a behavior when they were told they would be rewarded.
F.Children imitation the behavior of another “leader” child when the behavior of the leader child was reinforced. Imitation as instinct-D.Infants under 3 weeks of age showed the ability to imitate. Imitation as operant response- E.Children… View the full answer

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