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Mary had been in counseling for some time. Initially, she had been very depressed. Using Cognitive-Behavior techniques, she no longer reported serious depressive symptoms, but she still found her life wanting in some way. She had few social relationships (partly the result of having had no energy because of her serious depression), was not happy with her job, and had few hobbies. She felt “at loose ends” with her life, and did not know what to do, now that she had the energy to do something. In short, she still felt “stuck” and unable to take the initiative in changing her situation.

As her therapist, how might you apply some of the knowledge that you have gained so far in this course to help her move forward from this point?

List least 3 different interventions based on material in this course that you might implement in the counseling situation, along with your rationale for so doing (include relevant rationale, research or theory that leads you to believe that each intervention you have selected could be helpful to her.) to move her forward at this point. Also, discuss the role that “learned helplessness” might play in her current situation. To help Mary move forward with a positive future it is important to address the current situation in a positive way to… View the full answer

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