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Jungian psychology is primarily concerned with:
a)psychoanalytic theory
b)altered states of consciousness
c) Myers-Briggs type profiling
d) balancing the conscious with the unconscious processes
According to Jung, people who project their unwanted qualities onto others are:
a) an introverted feeling type
b) a manic personality
c) unaware of their shadow
d) men possessed by their anima or women by their animus
Which statement is true?
a) Piaget is the father of personality psychology
b) A trait is a temporary change in one’s personality.
c)The Big 5 is the first formal personality theory.
d)A trait is a relatively permanent individual characteristic.

Which of the following major structures of the personality are not archetypes?
a) anima and animus
b) ego and persona
c) shadow and self
d) id and superego d) balancing the conscious with the unconscious processes… View the full answer

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