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In a new campaign, major sports stars in TV commercials tell kids to stay in school, study hard, and get good grades. The commercials target inner-city high school and junior high kids. The sports stars tell kids why they should study and how it will improve their lives in the future. The commercial shows some kids studying and older kids telling them how smart they are for studying. It shows kids refusing to go out at night with other kids because they have to study. After the kids model this behavior, the sports star praises them and says how smart it is to study and stay in school. Finally, the commercial shows kids graduating and getting good jobs. Again the sports star comes on screen and points out the good things that studying and staying in school can get you. What is good about this strategy to get kids to study? What is missing? How could you improve this strategy? Having excellent academic papers may play a significant role in helping get a good job for students, but it takes more… View the full answer

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