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Definition of Conformity as “a change in a (group) member’s opinions, judgments, or actions that increases their consistency with those expressed by other people.” It also identifies that individuals go along with the majority for difference reasons, each one demonstrating a specific type of conformity (Compliance, Conversion, & Congruence). Likewise, non-conformity may be motivated by “independence” or “anti-conformity”. Based on these concepts, and what you’ve learned from your reading about the Sources of Group Influence:

Identify and describe a past or current social trend or fad. (You can assume that your teacher is not up on the current trends or fads, so you might want to include a web link to help her understand what “it” is).
Explain one reason why individuals might conform to the trend and one reason why individuals might choose to actively oppose the trend.
If you were working for a marketing firm, what is one strategy that you might advise to increase individuals’ conformity to your chosen trend/fad? Based on what you’ve read/seen, why would you expect it to work? A new social trend is internet dating. That is meeting people simply by their internet profile and going on a date with… View the full answer

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