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Could anyone help with a response or an opinion on this statement NEED ASAP

I had taken the Big Five in a previous class, and no surprise my highest was conscientiousness. The scoring of these types of tests are very interesting, but still accurate. I find the trait theory interesting and the big five model interesting and fun to participate taking.
I have a difficulty with mindfulness and getting to the point where I can practice it for a short period of time. For this reason, I have chosen to look at the one minute mindfulness exercises which is a great starting point. Mindfulness exercises are important in reducing stress, I know that! As the article stated, it is useful; however, it is not something I and many others can just pick up and do. It takes time, starting with maybe a guided video, one minute exercises, and gradually increasing. I think doing this daily would help me from getting stressed out when my week is busy. Often times, the Big Five personality test can be complex to interpret. It… View the full answer

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