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Now try it on your own:  search the internet for a Gothic themed text and post it here in the discussion thread.  A few rules:

You may choose to post a Gothic (or horror) themed ad or film trailer – there are A LOT of these online!  But extra points if you post something different. 
Your text can be just about anything:  a video, an image, a game, any kind of written text, or some other media.  No downloads though – whatever you post needs to appear directly in the thread (more details below).
Your text MUST be Gothic-related.  
No repeats.  If something has already been posted on thread, you won’t get credit if you repost the same thing.

Underneath your chosen text, tell us a bit about what you’ve chosen:
1) What is the text’s genre? 
2) List all the conventions that let us know this text belongs to this genre.
3) What is the main purpose of this text and genre?  How do the conventions help achieve this purpose?  
4) How is the text intended to make us (the audience) feel?  How do those feelings help achieve the text’s purpose?
5) Who are the rhetor(s)?  What motivated them to create this text?
6) Bonus question:  How does this text fulfill or challenge our expectations about the Gothic?

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