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Present the most current version of your research question and state the phenomenon of interest.
Describe the criteria for inclusion and exclusion.
Describe in detail the choices for sample size, data saturation, and theoretical saturation. Justify your choices with citations of research studies that use the same strategy and/or of methodological articles that describe the rationale.
Put yourself in the participant’s position, and consider the assurances you would want to hear to ensure that your privacy is respected and that your identity will not be revealed when the study is published. Include those assurances in your invitation.
Top of Form

Reflect on how well your research problem meets the “Litmus Test.” At this point, you recognize that this is a work in progress, so identify what could be done to reveal a research gap better.
The existing research problem is to know who your friends are and friends are determined through Knowing of those who love doing the quizzes.  The best way to come up with the friends that are going to help a person especially when it comes to matters of academic is through the use of a litmus paper test.  Litmus paper is very vital in researching this problem that is existing in many of the schools.  The operation of the litmus paper is just simple, and it occurs when a person is asked whether he likes academic work in general.  Those that will say yes then they should automatically become the friends since they will help a person to grow academically. Those that are going to say no means that they will have failed the test, and through this, a person is not supposed to have such friends.  If a person wants to excel in any field, he must work with people who have the same interest.  Therefore when a person is choosing friends, they must be cautious since they will have impacts on the person.
Impacts can either be positive and negative because of the traits that these friends have. Litmus paper test is critical in carrying out this research and in most cases it is beneficial when it comes to such circumstances, (Said, et al, 2020).

     Summarize the skills and subject matter areas you will need to master to expertly respond to the qualitative checklist for Chapters 1 through 3.

Description of the overall problem that is in any research there is a massive problem that in most cases it is not known, it is also to be chosen from the area that a person is interested in. The project addresses the problem that should be urgent, and each and every one should be aware that you are researching that direction. The researcher must be ready to summarizing the key questions. Many questions are always crossing the mind of the researcher when it comes to research questions. A person must be in a position of knowing how to identify the description of the problem.
The local problem that prompted the study should be localized, and through this, a person is always in a position to make sure that those that are near the research is happening should be aware since through  this one is in a  position to get first-hand information in which most of the cases happens to  have some indigenous knowledge that may not be written
Criteria for selecting participants is critical that a person should be having so that the intended population will be the one that will be targeted and it will be the one that is useful in research.
 There should always be a Justification for the problem. There are so many problems that happen in the world, and people must be in a position of causing justification of the problem.  These are the reasons that made you choose that very particular research project. Any project and research that it has been taken, there are always Implications of the project. The research project should not be in a position whereby it is having many negative implications than negative ones, (Monaghan, et al, 2020).

·        Propose a research question to be developed throughout the rest of this course.

Throughout the research course, I had come up with some research questions.  These research questions may include; what is the relationship between the students attending classes and their general performance?, (Wolfe, et al, 2019).















Monaghan, M. T., Brogan, K., Lockington, D., Rotchford, A. P., & Ramaesh, K. (2020). Variability in measuring pH using litmus paper and the relevance in ocular chemical injury. Eye, 34(11), 2133-2134.
Wolfe, M. G., Ali, M. M., & Brennan, J. D. (2019). Enzymatic Litmus Test for Selective Colorimetric Detection of C–C Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Analytical chemistry, 91(7), 4735-4740.
Said, D. G., & Dua, H. S. (2020). Chemical burns acid or alkali, what’s the difference?.

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