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Attached are the instructions. 
Link to the book: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/35/35-h/35-h.htm

The Assignment:

In this course, we use scientific and mathematical theories as literary theories—those frameworks by which we can analyze a text, or lenses through which texts can be viewed. In this assignment, you are to compose an analysis drawing on the contextual material from the Broadview edition of The Time Machine. You may use any reading(s) from the following sections:
· Appendix A: The Evolutionary Context: Biology (except the entries authored by H.G. Wells)
· Appendix D: The Spatiotemporal Context: The Fourth Dimension (except D1, D3, D5, and D6)
· Appendix E: The Spatiotemporal Context: Solar Death and the End of the World (except E1, E7, and E8)

Be cautious when choosing to use multiple contextual materials. It is almost always better to carefully focus your analysis and explore the nuances of the text and your claim than it is to briefly address a large swath of material.

A Note on Purpose:

When invoking outside research of any kind, a literary critic’s purpose is to provide insight into the meaning of the text. The outside information illuminates passages in the text, allowing the writer to use this new perspective to argue a particular interpretation of the book. Recall our use of prime numbers and Germain primes to understand Proof, quantum mechanics to analyze “The Garden of Forking Paths,” and the use of entropy to unite the spatiotemporal and evolutionary readings of The Time Machine.


Your essay will be evaluated on the inclusion and quality of the following criteria:
· 4-5 full pages (the length will be strictly enforced).
· Typed in size twelve Times New Roman font and double spaced.
· Have a heading with your name, course number, and section. No more is needed.
· Have an appropriate and creative title (not the assignment title).
· Follow proper essay format and employ formal, college-level, standard written English.
· Cite from a text at least once per paragraph.
· Use the additional text to establish an analytical claim important to understanding The Time Machine (see above note on purpose).
· Follow proper MLA citation format employing both in-text citations and a Works Cited page (which does not count toward the page length).
It may help to consider these items a check list.

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