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you need to complete at least two responses “the “Final Posts”) of at least 200 words each to classmates
Question 1
In my opinion, the political system in the United States is broken. The Democrats and Republicans have won every presidential election since 1852. They have controlled Congress, either or, since 1856. They both scream that the other is the problem but they have, collectively, run this country for nearly two hundred years. They managed to crush every other political party and any murmur of dissent is ruthlessly put down.
The Democrat Party and the Grand Old Party (GOP) are private institutions that have a monopoly on the election cycle in the United States. They are not a part of the government, they are not very democratic and their goals, while heavily disguised as the will of the people, are usually self serving. They are the largest lobbying groups in the history of the world and they have locked down the political system of the most powerful country on earth.
Neither one of these political parties carry very much debt, considering the size and influence they have. Yet, they advocate for constant debt for the nation as a whole. They vote to spend us into oblivion every year. Both sides of the aisle have no regard for the finances of the United States government yet run their own very meticulously.
Lately, the strategy of the two parties seems to be to divide and conquer. They use their surrogates in the media, online personalities and official statements to constantly vilify the opposing side. Each side comforts their members by telling them they are morally right, on the right side of history and that the opponent is trying to destroy you and your way of life. By pitting the American people against one another, they have ensured that each group is wholly focused on the other meaning they will not try to bridge the divide and they will not look elsewhere.
They have pitted us so wholly against one another that they have diverted much criticism away from themselves and in doing so, they have also stifled any opposition they might encounter during an election cycle.
Americans are charitable. Americans love freedom. For the most part, we love each other. Many times we just want to raise our families and live a life that makes us feel fulfilled. We want a life where we can be left alone, have fun and love our friends and family. Americans want to worship or not worship the way they want. They want justice and freedom for all people.
If you tune out politics and the news, our neighbors are just that, neighbors. We have more in common than we have in animosity towards one another. I fully believe that.
The parties are terrified that the American people will wake up and realize that they are the cabal that needs to be taken down. We’re tearing down statues of historical figures, we should be (figuratively) tearing down the edifices to these two political parties.

Question 2
The United States traditionally has only two parties, the Democrats and Republicans. More than one party is necessary for a democracy to function. But why always two is the question. Well two parties gives us more stability. America uses a particular system called ‘single part locale majority’ that means every election produces only one winner.
People those in favour of two party system say that it simplifies politics for common Americans and the two party system has a historical precedence of functioning nicely in America. Whereas those who are against this two party system say that there is no room for new ideas and third party candidates.
According to me, two party system should continue because this way it promotes centrism and encourages the political parties to find common positions. It leads to stability, which then can lead to economic growth.
There can be a third party here. But majority is needed to win, so mostly the third party will just move towards the major two parties as per the law of French sociologist Maurice Duverger. Like Kanye West who recently declared his bid for presidency, but he would find much difficulty in getting into the ballot. Many reasons from not enough signatures to missing the deadline for filing nomination can come in the way to ballot. If such a popular person is finding it difficult to get into the ballot, then imagine what a newcomer would face.
But in case, if there is a third party who has thrived to enter the ballot and if the two party system is removed, then one can search for a newcomer with better ideas about running America. But America is no where near removing the two party system in any near future.

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