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Please see the attachment for assignment. Do not use another student work. Follow word count. NO, I will not pay more than my price. Only 5 questions!!!

Project Management Organizational Framework

 Essay Questions- Respond to each essay question with a minimum of 300 Words. Cite your sources and include references for each. Do not use another student work!!!! It will run through a checker.

Essay question 1: The WBS contains only project deliverables rather than tasks or activities. What in your view are the benefits of describing the project scope in this way? Why not for example begin with a task list?
Essay question 2: The WBS is organized in the form of a structured outline. Describe how you might employ the WBS to estimate project scope.
Essay question 3: The WBS is developed after the project scope statement. In what way, if any, are the scope statement and the WBS related? Why are both required?
Essay question 4: In addition to the WBS, the PMBOK describes the WBS dictionary as part of the scope baseline. Explain the WBS dictionary and discuss its relationship to the WBS.
Essay question 5: A WBS is said to contain multiple levels. What in your view is the purpose of having levels in the WBS? How many levels would you consider to be optimal?

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