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Refer to the project selected attached for a charter and stakeholder analysis. Use this project and the examples for the office relocation project scenario to complete the following assignment.

Create a project  scope statement. Follow the example given in the office relocation scenario. 
Create a WBS for our selected project using the office relocation WBS as a guide. Feel free to use the template from the Office Relocation project. I have provided the example as an attachment. 

Submit each work product for grading. Your deliverables should be comparable in quality and detail to the office relocation project example. (Minimum 1 page)
DO NOT USE ANOTHER STUDENT WORK! It will be ran through a checker!!!!!

Office Relocation Project

(1) Finance

(1.1) Budget

(1.2) Payments

(2) Transition Plan

(2.1) Supplies

(2.2) Infrastructure

(3) Relocation Management Personnel

(3.1) Planners

(3.2) Coordinators

(3.3) Packers

(4) New Location

(4.1) Building Layout

(4.3) Furniture

(5) Existing Location

(5.1) Layout

(5.2) Utilities

(5.3) Closeout plan


(3.4) Movers

(4.2) Layout

(5.4) Packing



Project Management Organizational Framework


Project Management Organizational Framework (tinkme)

Dec 29, 2020


Business Mergers project


General Manager

Project Management

Business Development Manager- Cliff Smith

Start Date


Project Duration

4 months



Cliff Smith, Business Development Manager
Adam Barkley, HR Manager
John Kale, IT officer
Mary joseph, Finance Manager
Tom Lee, Sales Manager

Specific Business Need

The company has expanded its operation to various territories worldwide. There is a need for company to merge with other established firms in the industry so as to reduce completion and develop goodwill and dominate the market.


· Need for security against failure
· New incentives to the managers
· To enjoy scales of economies
· Need for diversification
· New tax benefits
· To eliminate corruption
· Develop brand image
· To enjoy market share
· To achieve synergy effect
· To achieve growth and development
· To enhance transparency
· Eliminating competition
· To gain market power
· To create leader in the sector
· To expand internationally
· To achieve cost reductions
· To develop talent sharing


· The company will be required to decorated the building of the merged company, office layouts, and develop a new for identification
· Some workers may need to be retrenched, others trained and hiring of new workers which may be costly to the company.

Success Criteria

The company will enough Assets, labor, customer Base and wider market for its products.

Authorization Signatures

Sponsor:_______________________ Date:____________________

Project Manager: ________________ Date: ____________________


Project Title:

Business mergers report

Date Prepared:

Dec 29,2020


County director
General Manager
Development Manager




Gupta, P. K. (2012). Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): The strategic concepts for the nuptials of corporate sector. Innovative Journal of Business and Management, 1(4), 60-68.

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