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Week One Assignment – Key Informant Interview

TOPIC(SEXUAL TRAFFICKING); you must choose a target population

Week One Assignment – Key Informant Interview (CLO 4)
Conduct an interview with the key informant relevant to your group project.   A key informant is an adult (> 18 years of age) person who has knowledge about those in the population that you want to reach.  They may have formal authority, for example have a position or title.  They may have informal authority in the community because they are extremely knowledgeable about the community or program.  They are respected.
Data collected from key informant interviews are considered a form of primary data collection.  Interview questions will be provided for you via a Key Informant Interview Script.  Interviews may be conducted face-to-face or by telephone.  Please follow the Key Interview Script and write in all responses directly into the Interview Script Provided. Make sure that each aspect of the Interview Guide is covered and has a response (including all items highlighted in yellow). Do not veer from the Interview Guide. Use it exactly as it is written. (Note: Summaries of the Key Informant Interview will be required for the signature assignment).   Upload the completed Interview Script (2 pages maximum)





My name is [state your name] and I am an undergraduate student at XXXXX University in the Department of Community Health. I am taking a class in Health Promotion Program Planning & Evaluation. The core activity is a group project that will help us learn how to design our own hypothetical health program. We have chosen [identify health problem (SEXUAL TRAFFICKING) and identify target population] as our health topic. An important first step in our effort is to better understand the needs of this population. Therefore, we are conducting interviews with key community leaders.
The themes that emerge from the interviews will be used to plan our health program and develop an appropriate intervention that reflects the needs of our [repeat your target population]. They will also be incorporated into a final written report and presentation to the class. Your knowledge is very valuable, and I hope you have 10-15 minutes for me to interview you. Is this a good time or should I call back later?


1. Please tell me about yourself/your organization?
a) Your name is? Your position or title is?
b) How long have you worked here?
c) Your organization’s name is?
d) What is its mission?
e) What services does your organization or department provide?
f) What communities are included in your service area?

2. Do you think [state your health topic (Sexual Trafficking)] is a major health issue in your community? Why?
a) What groups are impacted the most? Where are they located geographically?
b) What are the needs of these groups?
c) Is this especially a problem among low income/underserved people?
d) Are there different issues for different segments of population?
e) Are there other issues?

3. What are the current strategies and programs for dealing with [state your health topic]?
a) Are these existing programs or strategies effective?
b) Do you find that individuals affected by [state your health topic] show patterns/common behaviors that can be identified to help you develop a solution to the problem?
c) What other stakeholders do you work with to address this problem?
d) Do you have recommendations or solutions to address the problem that are not yet being implemented?

4. What do you think could encourage and support more community involvement/advocacy about [state your health topic]?
a) What are the barriers to involvement — complexity of issue, lack of information, inadequate staffing?
b) Are there other people you think we should talk to?
c) Have we covered everything you think is important?

Closing Statement: Thank you very much for your time. Your knowledge and insights are very helpful to us. Thank you again. If you want additional information about this course or group project, please contact myself, add your name and email here or
my instructor [add instructor’s name and email here].

Key Informant Interview Grading Rubric

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