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· Explain the difference between an adjustment disorder and anxiety disorder. Provide examples to illustrate your rationale.
· Explain the diagnostic criteria for SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER (SOCIAL PHOBIA) .
· Explain the evidenced-based psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic treatment for SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER (SOCIAL PHOBIA)
· Support your rationale with references to the Learning Resources or other academic resource.

American Nurses Association. (2014). Psychiatric-mental health nursing: Scope and standards of practice (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: Author.
· Anxiety Disorders”
· “Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders”

Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition DSM-5 American Psychiatric Association

Sadock, B. J., Sadock, V. A., & Ruiz, P. (2014). Kaplan & Sadock’s synopsis of psychiatry: Behavioral sciences/clinical psychiatry (11th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.
· Chapter 9, “Anxiety Disorders” (pp. 387–417)
· Chapter 11, “Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders” (pp. 437–451)

Stahl, S. M. (2017). Prescriber’s Guide: Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology (6th ed.). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Gabbard’s Treatments Of Psychiatric Disorders, Fifth Edition Edited By:Glen O. Gabbard, M.D
· Chapter 18, “Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)”
· Chapter 20, “Specific Phobia”

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