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Please see detailed instructions in the attachment. 
Please provide fresh work. 

This paper is likely to be between 5-8 pages double spaced please read the instructions carefully.
Your Task
You’re going to plan the steps in designing and developing a Web site for a fictional company, sports team, or organization. Think of your interests and come up with a topic you’d like to use for this project.
The objective of this project is to show how you’ve learned the concepts in this course to plan what’s needed to create a multimedia project from start to finish. It will also give you practice in understanding and responding to clients’ needs.
Project Guidelines
Analyze Ideas
By now, you’ve learned the importance of planning a Web site before you begin to create it. It helps you focus on what your Web site is about and who it’s for, and may save you countless hours of tweaking.
For this project, you’re going to envision a Web site you’d like to create. You’ll begin with idea analysis. Turn to page 248 for a list of questions you can think about for this project.
Write the Executive Statement
Make sure you can answer the following:
· How will people use this website?
· What will users gain from this website?
· What types of features will be most useful to the users of this website?
Once you’ve answered these questions, write your answers in an executive statement of at least 250 words.
Write the Creative Strategy
Think about the look and feel of the Web site. Consider the multimedia elements you want to include on your site, such as text, images, and video. Write a description of your creative strategy of at least 250 words.
Create Your Team
Think about your strengths and weaknesses for the resources you need to develop your project. Perhaps you’d like to work on graphics or writing, or maybe you’re more project-oriented and would rather handle the overall management. Think about the other talents you need to pull together a strong team for your project. Write a description of your multimedia team in at least 250 words.
Create Your Storyboards
Now it’s time to think about how you’re going to design your Web site and what elements you’re going to use. Create storyboards for each page of your Web site, keeping the following guidelines in mind:
· Create your storyboard using whatever program you like (e.g., Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, scanned drawings, a wireframing tool)
· Ensure your site is a minimum of five pages.
· Include a minimum of two forms of media on each page (e.g., graphics, sound, video, and animation) in whichever way you choose (e.g., embedded or linked).
· Include at least one of each of the following types of media (not all necessarily on the same page):
4. Graphics
4. Sound
4. Video
4. Animation
· Save your files and note the filenames to give to your instructor (e.g., yournamestoryboard.doc or yournamestoryboard.ppt).
· Make sure you answer the following questions in your storyboards:
· Have I created a clear navigational structure?
· Have I chosen appropriate typography?
· Have I chosen appropriate colors?
· Have I chosen appealing media that matches the tone of the site?
· Do my media have acceptable download times?
Writing Guidelines
1. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with 1-inch margins.
2. Read the instructions carefully and address the topics and issues that are suggested.
3. Carefully proofread your project, making sure that you use correct spelling and grammar and appropriate sentence structure.
Grading Criteria
The grade you’ll receive for this research project will be based on the following criteria:

The executive statement clearly states what the Web site is about.

15 points

The creative strategy clearly states the Web site’s design strategy.

15 points

The roles of each team member needed are indicated.

15 points

The storyboards depict the layout of each page of the Web site.

10 points

The site contains a minimum of five pages.

10 points

Each page has at least two forms of media.

10 points

The pages are well-planned using guidelines learned throughout the course.

15 points

All four required types of media are included on the Web pages.

10 points


The student
· Demonstrates a clear understanding of the assignment
· Incorporates the suggested concepts into the research project
· Includes other relevant information from the textbook
· Uses own ideas in the formulation of this project

Written Communication

The student
· Ensures each part of the essay is at least 250 words in length
· Uses correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling
· Uses appropriate terminology showing knowledge of the concepts in this course


The paper is double-spaced and typed in font size 12. It includes the student’s

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