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Please look at the Journal Entry Question and answer fully, no grammar errors and returned on time 01/07/2021 at noon.
I’ve given the Job position and Agency for the Discussion Response.

CRJ 499: Undergraduate Capstone in Criminal Justice

Week 1 Assignment – Journal: Next Move

Reflect on your goals and your next move within the criminal justice system and identify at least one agency and position to which you are thinking of applying or a promotion within your current agency that you hope to receive.

*The Agency I want to apply for is Homeland Security/FEMA
Supervisory Emergency Management Specialist (Recovery)


Federal Emergency Management Agency

The ideal candidate for this position has the ability to manage large, nationwide, complex disaster programs including partnering with agency stakeholders, developing and ensuring consistent application of policy guidance and standard operating procedures. This position starts at a salary of $142,701 (GS-15), with promotion potential to $170,800 (GS-15). Apply for this exciting opportunity with FEMA!

· Discuss your current skills and competencies and outline your strengths and weaknesses relevant to that position and agency.
· Outline the ways in which you can be better prepared to compete when applying for that position.

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