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Assignment 1: New Business, Porters Forces, And Generic Business Strategy
You have just acquired a small storefront business.  You want to expand and have an e-commerce website as well. This assignment is a PowerPoint assignment. Note – you will work on this project most of this semester. 

Select a retail business from the list below. The business must sell products, not services.
–   A camping supply store
–   A candy business
–   A high-end children’s clothing store which only uses natural fibers
–   Deli / sandwich shop
Describe the business and the product(s) you plan to sell. Be clear, concise and precise – provide a “60-second elevator pitch” of what you plan to sell. (1 – 3 slides)
Note: you are just planning at this point.  Points: 5
Using Porter’s Five Forces Model – analyze your business (use the Detroit metropolitan area as your local market).
Provide an analysis on all 5 Porter’s forces with respect to your business   Points: 15
a. Provide an analysis of each power and what it means relative to your business (Points: 10)
b. Explain how each “power” ranks for this business – high / med / low / etc. (Points: 5)
Using Porter’s 3 generic business strategies, choose a business focus Points: 10
a. Identify where your products /business align (Points: 5)
b. Describe why you would align that way? (Points: 5)
Research CRM Capabilities Points: 10
a.  List 3 capabilities / techniques that you will use for your business.  (Points: 5)
b.  Provide a description and comparison of each and why they would work for your business (Points: 5)
Create a logo. Create a logo for your business. Points: 5

Grammar, semantics, and PPT presentation techniques count Points: 5

Remember! Your business has a storefront, and wants to expand into e-commerce, which will play heavily in assignment 2 & 3 – so keep that in mind as you are working.

a.  Title Slide
b.  Agenda Slide
c.  Background slide(s) – describe the business and provide your 60-second elevator pitch
d.  Porters Five Forces slide(s)- read the material in your book and the review the Moodle
      lectures. Google provides examples of how to format a Porters Forces model – there is no
      right or wrong way but it must be created in a business-like manner.
e.  Porters Generic Strategies slide(s) – place your business in the quadrant where it should
      reside and identify real-life competing organizations in the other quadrants. 
      Hint: see chapter two.
f.  CRM technologies slide(s)
Keep your PowerPoint business-like and professional.
Use business-like presentation practices.  Conduct some research on good PPT techniques before submitting your final product.
20 slides maximum but fewer are fine as long as they thoroughly address the requirements.
Remember Clear, concise, precise with good grammar
This is a presentation and not an essay

Note: all verbiage on your slides must be your own. Do not copy from any sources unless you cite your source(s) as per the APA lecture in week one.

Any questions, please ask. Do not wait until the last minute.

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