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DISCUSSION 1 I need a paragraph
It is well known that a statistics course is one of the requirements of a psychology major. But why is that? Using information provided in this week’s reading and knowledge that you have gathered in prior courses (MAT 240 or other stats courses you have taken), indicate why the study of statistics is useful to a person who majors in psychology.
In addition, discuss a personal experience in which statistics were used. This experience could be related to education, insurance, developmental milestones for a child, etc., and it could entail your use of statistics or someone else’s use of statistics.

DISCUSSION 2 These questions need to be answer very thorougly

a. What is a simple random sample.

b. When the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts a survey, it begins by partitioning the U.S. adult population in 2007 group called primary sampling units. Assume that these primary sampling units all contain the same number of adults. If you randomly select one adult from each primary sampling unit, is the result a simple random sample. Why or why not? If it is not a simple random sample , what type of sample is it? 

c. Refer to the primary sampling units described in part (b) and describe a sampling plan that results in a simple random sample.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 
    • Provide an example of a time when you or someone you know has been involved in participatory planning. What were the benefits and drawbacks? 
    • What action plan would you put in place based on this information?

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