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The film for this unit is Lost in Translation. Please watch the film and post a reflection (aim for around 500 words) to our forum. 
You can either address the open ended the film critique prompt: 
A brief overview of the reading(s):What is the central philosophical issue or theme? What were the primary topics of discussion?  What interesting questions were raised?  What conclusions, if any, were reached?
A synopsis of the film How does the film relate to the reading(s) under consideration? How did the main philosophical points or ideas manifest in the film? 
An evaluation of the philosophical success of the film Did the film adequately treat the philosophical topic? Why or why not? 
OR if you would rather a guided prompt, here are a couple of specific questions you can answer: 
A. Wolf notes a number of character-types in her paper: the blob, the useless, and the bankrupt. Are the types on offer in the film? If so, where. Do you agree with Wolf about what gives life meaning? Why or why not?
B. Does the character of Bob share a similar fate to that of Sisyphus? What might Camus argue?

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