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Assignment 1
Answer the following questions using APA format. You should also include research from at least two sources when answering the following questions. Response should be at least 1200 words in length.
1.  Discuss the common pitfalls in instructional improvement efforts. Are any of these likely to present problems for your school or district? How will you address them?
2. Does your school or district sustain change across school years, or does your group only consider one school year at a time?
3. Does your school take time to celebrate accomplishing goals?  If so, how?
 Assignement 2 
Answer the following questions.  Your total response should be at least 1500 words.  Follow APA format and have at least two sources.

Which of the hooks discussed in this week’s reading (pages 75-106) have you successfully used?
What is your next step(s)? Which of the hooks discussed in this week’s reading do you want to try?

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