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After reading the Introduction to the text and reviewing the video, Streaming Video: The Progressive Era 
please answer the following questions in one discussion post. (This should be a 5-paragraph essay).
1. Name a current Social Movement that you have heard of and that you might be interested in studying more about as a project paper for this course (you may of course change your mind as you learn a little more.) example: The Women’s Movement, The LGBTQ Movement, Occupy Wall Street Movement
2. Who generally joins this movement?
3. How do movement members communicate?
4. What is the purpose of this movement?
5. Has this movement been able to bring about any type of change?

Textbook: Goodwin, Jeff, Jasper, J. M. (2015). The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts, 3rd Edition, Malden, MA, Wiley Blackwell.

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