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Fill out concept map for nursing and make up your own patient with whatever youd like as long as you fill up everything . Must include references

Patient Information


Code Status:
Living Will:

Cultural considerations, ethnicity, occupation, religion, family support, insurance. (1) (14) Socioeconomic/Cultural/Spiritual Orientation & Psychosocial Considerations/Concerns, to include the following Social Determinants of Health

❋Economic Stability ❋ Education
❋Social and Community Context ❋ Health and Health Care ❋ Neighborhood and Built Environment

Chief Complaint

Admitting Diagnosis

Medical Management/ Orders/ Medications & Allergies (2)

Erickson’s Developmental Stage Related to pt. & Cite References (1)

Patient Education (In Pt.) & Discharge Planning (home needs)

History of Present Illness (HPI), Pathophysiology of Admitting Dx (Cite References) Medical, Surgical, Social History (1).

Medical History

Surgical History

Social History

Diagnostic Test/ Lab Results with dates and Normal Ranges (3)

Concept Map

Student Name:


PC Outcomes/Goal

Priority nursing diagnosis #2

Respiratory (7)

Vital Signs (4)

Integumentary (12)

Interventions # 2

Assessment/ Evaluation #1

Assessment/ Evaluation #2

PC Evaluation Plan

Potential Complications/ at risk for

PC Interventions

Psychosocial (14)

Cardiovascular (6)

Endocrine (13)

Misc. (Ht/Wt)

GU (10)

GI (9)



Rest/ Exercise (11)

Neurological (5)

Outcome/Goal #1

Priority nursing diagnosis #1

Outcome/Goal #2

Interventions #1

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