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The scenario:
Johnston Smith, Associate Director of Sales as Pasedena HVAC Manufacturer, has asked you to calculate the cost of running HVAC units in summer and provide a report.
For this assignment, you will need the following files:
New blank Access database
You will save your files as:

Open the HVAC_Cooling Excel file, and save the file as Lastname_Firstname_HVAC_Cooling.
Insert your name in the footer.
In the worksheet, insert an Excel table with a header row.
Add a calculated column that calculates the cost of cooling using $0.00124 per Cooling BTU formatted with the Accounting Number Format.
Filter the data to display only one Heating BTU number of your choice.
Apply Best Fit to all columns.
Center the worksheet horizontally on a landscape page.
In Access, create a new database and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Cooling_Costs
Import your Lastname_Firstname_HVAC_Cooling Excel file.
In the table, filter the data to show only data for the Cooling BTU greater than 60,000 and the Power unit of your choice.
Create a report based on your results.
Delete the four measurement fields following the Heating BTU field, and be sure the title fits on one line.

Special Instructions: Use the Supporting Materials below to complete the project.
Grading: Please review the rubrics for particulars.

Please let me know if you are able to help. Sorry for the last minute. This assignment is due Sunday night by midnight. 
Please let me know either way. I have attached the excel spreadsheet for your viewing (both what was assigned in its original form and what I have completed so far.

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